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Explore India's Most Luxurious Perfumes Online with Embark's Ananda Collection

Experience a rushing escape from the hustle and bustle of life with the Ananda perfume. 'Ananda' means joy in Sanskrit, making it a perfect name for everyday perfume. When buying a premium perfume online that aligns with your inner expression, it may go out of budget, but Ananda perfume prices are decently priced for you to use it every day. 

What to Look for While Buying Ananda Perfumes Online

Experts at Embark have skilfully crafted The Ananda collection perfumes by balancing the right floral and citrus notes with base notes like musk and vanilla to create universally loved fragrances.

Looking to buy perfume online? Here are some tips to keep in mind before making that big purchase. 

Make sure the brand you are selecting is legitimate, sourcing its ingredients ethically and has years of experience backing its products.

Before purchasing a perfume, check for its longevity. For this, read reviews and feedback available online.

Another important aspect of purchasing perfume online is knowing what fragrance wheel you are attracted to and which notes speak to you.

Buy Premium Ananda Fragrances for Men and Women

The premium range of Embark perfumes, i.e., the Ananda Collection, offers signature perfumes for both men and women. The floral and citrusy notes used in these perfumes will take the wearer on a sensory journey. 

EMBARK Ananda For Him - Eau De Parfum (EDP)

The orange blossom perfume for men in the Ananda collection opens with a burst of Oranges and Mandarins. This orange perfume also has an added layer of fresh aqua notes, aromatic amber and musk. All these layers of fragrances, topped with skillful curation, create a long-lasting mandarin perfume that always leaves you feeling refreshed. The musky notes balance the fruity notes with warmth, making a great option for men who like to keep it subtle.

Top Note

Mandarin, Orange

Heart Note

Aquatic Notes

Base Note

Amber, Musk

EMBARK Ananda For Her - Eau De Parfum (EDP)

This is the best pick for a woman who wants to win at everything in life. Bring home Embark's best jasmine perfume for women from its Ananda Perfume Collection. It's not difficult to spot a sparkling star in a crowd; that's how Ananda For Her makes its wearer feel like a star. The perfume opens with fresh notes of mandarin and lavender, then blends sophistication with jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. It's the perfect balance of charm, femininity and freshness.

Top Note

Mandarin, Lavender

Heart Note


Base Note

Vanilla, Sandalwood

How to Select the Best Ananda Perfumes from Embark Perfumes

Confused about how to pick from different varieties in the Ananda Collection? Every perfume comes with its unique characteristics. Understanding your preferences and what different fragrance wheels becomes essential. Further, having a deeper understanding of notes in a perfume like top, heart, and base and the role these play in fragrances can help you make a good decision. Here are some tips when buying from Embark Perfumes:

When will you be using Ananda Perfume?

Some need it for a rare special occasion, some for everyday use, and some expect it to last long hours. Specifying your needs and occasion will help you pick the best perfume. 

What do you like?

While Ananda for Him beautifully balances strong and light notes, Ananda for Her blends bold, fresh, warm notes. Understanding the layers and notes of perfume helps here. Some of the most commonly available fragrance wheels are oriental, floral, woody, citrus and warm notes.