Locally Inspired. Globally Desired.

Embark on a
new Journey

Locally Inspired. Globally Desired.

Embark on a
new Journey

Locally Inspired. Globally Desired.

Embark on a
new Journey


Be Confident. Be You.

Confidence comes in pocket-sized bottles. We deliver only the finest. Each of our fragrances is meticulously crafted with just one quest in mind: to celebrate you.



Fragrances for everyday luxury.


The invigorating freshness of a new adventure.


Not your usual perfume.


Layer up with that perfect perfume note.

Wear your scent on your sleeve.

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What’s your fragrance persona?

Fragrances that celebrate your spirit. Are you floral, fruity, calm or bold? Pick a scent that speaks to your soul.


Here’s What Sets Us Apart.

  • Long Lasting Fragence


    Crafted for the local climate, ensuring all day wear and maximum efficacy.

  • Best in Class Perfumes


    Discover the finest ingredients and highest quality essential oils used in our perfumes.

  • Indian Perfumes


    Indian at heart & soul, global in spirit.

  • Cruelty Free Perfumes


    We control the head to toe of our processes, ensuring ethically sourced ingredients from all over.


Why People Love Us


Why People Love Us

Embark Perfumes are absolutely amazing. I have tried many others and now have a few I wear regularly. Having never used Embark Perfumes before, I didn't know what to expect, they smell really nice and last a whole lot longer. In my opinion it is very versatile which makes it appropriate for day or evening occasions

Mohita Sharma,
Business Head at Watch Time India

The initial notes of My Passion for her swept me back to the vibrant flower market of north Delhi. Its blend of Jasmine and Sandalwood evoked an immediate feeling of tranquility and nostalgia.

Caroline d'cruz
Deputy Editor, iDiva

A revitalizing everyday fragrance that's both budget-friendly and guilt-free. Say goodbye to any hesitation about indulging a bit more, especially during these scorching summer days.

Megha Monga Anand
Features Editor, Stuff India


Embark Community Corner.


We're Here For You.

Buying fragrances online has always been tricky, but when these come in perfect little bottles and with such great reviews, it's worth a shot. When selecting a body perfume, everyone has a unique choice; It's like finding a soulmate. This is why Embark fragrances come with a lavish spread, where you can choose fragrances with different notes for different moods and settings. Embark's disruptive vision has made the bottled luxury accessible and affordable. It has changed the narrative of purchasing fragrances or perfumes from a nearby store and offered people the opportunity to buy perfume online in India from the comfort of their homes. Pick from an array of the best fragrances available on its website. 

Buy the Best Fragrances and Perfumes Online at the Best Prices

When on a quest to buy the best perfume online at the best deals, here are a few things that you should look for:

  • Shop from authentic perfume brands in India and check if the platform is selling genuine products.
  • Check for non-sponsored reviews.
  • Select the right products for you. Take note of the three notes: top, heart, and base. These give you a much clearer idea of the scent profile you would enjoy.
  • Understand if the ingredients are ethically sourced.

Shop a Different Range of Perfume Available Online at Embark Perfumes

Embark believes in bringing the world to your doorstep. With notes that hit your senses right at the spot, Embark offers perfume for all seasons. Be it musky, floral, or woody, there's one for everyone. 

Embark offers:

What Should You Consider While Choosing the Right Perfume for You?

Make sure you know what scent family you want to go for. Identifying the right notes will get you and your personality the perfect match. If you are new to this, get your hands on the travel-friendly sizes in different fragrance wheels. Ensure the brand offers long lasting perfume options for all-day wearability, especially if you live in a place like India, where summers are brutal. 

Tip: At this point, it is also essential to understand the difference between a perfumed deodorant and Eau de Parfum. While Eau de Parfum is higher in oil concentration and longevity, deodorants have more alcohol and antibacterial content.

Why is Embark Perfumes the Best Option for Your Perfume Needs?

Embark Perfume is the best perfume brand for your everyday needs. It truly encapsulates the essence of India with global luxury. 

Long lasting fragrances: The products are formulated for the Indian climate, ensuring all-day wear and efficacy.

Best quality: Embark perfumes undergo several quality checks during manufacturing to deliver the highest quality experience in every bottle.

Proudly Made in India: Manufactured in India, Embark Perfumes offers a world-class experience with Indian essence.

Cruelty-free: All raw materials used in fragrance bottle manufacturing are sourced ethically.